Welcome to LinuxProFilm.com

Traditionally, documentation for open source projects can go out-of-date quickly and in many instances non-existant or very hard to find. You may find yourself at times hard-pressed to get what you want, in the format you need it in.

That time has passed.

LinuxProFilm is proud to offer a new, dynamic approach to delivering up-to-date news documentation for Linux and other open source applications.

What Does LinuxProFilm Do?

We use an integrated and interactive approach to keeping documentation accurate and up-to-date and in your hands. This documentation can be delivered to you via Internet, e-mail, or postal mail. And in a variety of formats.

In order to minimize costs for users and ourselves while maximizing the services to be offered, we have created several different membership levels.

We create custom ISO images for generating CDs, which includes a personalized index of the documentation you select. We also offer quality printed documentation from many different projects.

Basic membership is for the casual or entry-level user in need of how to documentation.

Premium is for the more serious home user or using open source software in a corporate environment in an exploratory capacity. Typically this type of member requires more documentation and storage over a longer period of time than a Basic member.

Gold membership is designed for corporations using open source software in production systems. Typically these members require much more stringent times for delivery and storage.

Further information about what we offer can be found on the about page. We suggest you read this before continuing.